Thursday, January 17, 2008

India Travel to Mumbai

As Mumbai is the metropolis as well as industrial, financial and commercial hub people alway remain hurry. Mumbai is the most important city in India . Earlier Mumbai was called as bombay, after that government change the name as Mumbai.

Mumbai is popularly known for bollywood, the film industry produce 350-400 film a year. Mumbai is cluster of 7 island inhabitated by koli community. In Mumbai there are plenty of nice things to see.

Travel to India and see its amazing sights . Get some travel tips from travel guide on summer Travel. There are museum such as gandhi museum and the price of wales museum. Gate of india is monument built at british rule in 1911. However you haven't travel to Mumbai if you haven't seen the Gate of India. From gate way of india we can catch a boat to the eliphanta island also.
There are beaches like juhu chowpatty, a popular sea front like marine drive, art galleries, bazaars like crawford market, parks like hanging garden and kamala nehru park, hutatma chowk for historical building like town hall.

Indian people live in mumbai speaks marathi, hindi, english and gujarathi. Vada pav and pav bhaji is the popular snacks of mumbai. Summer Travel in india gives a great experience in life.
So this indian travel guide always suggest everyone to travel india because of different culture and different religon.
Regarding budget 2000 euro is plenty for discount travel in india if you are not planning for five star hotel. Your dream tour can be arrage by Indian Travel Guide. So india is the cheapest country to travel. Indian travel guide are also available all over in india. Come see the wonders of India with Indian Travel Guide.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Travel Guide for India

India - an ancient sub - continent ・a land that attracted many from far and near for knowledge and trade. It is a country showing many different shades in every aspect of life.
An abundance of mountain ranges and national parks provide ample opportunity for eco-tourism and trekking, and its sheer size promises something for everyone. Today 28 states form the Republic of India hold virtually every kind of landscape imaginable. Choose any part of India - east, west, north, south or central there is much that can be seen in just a part of each. Most of the beaches in India are exotic and present spectacular effects and memorable experiences to a cross section of people from all over of the world.

From the smoky mangroves of the Sunderbans to the steaming Thar Desert, sizzling cities like Mumbai and Delhi to the sparkling villages of Khajuraho and Hampi, from the heights of the Himalayas to the deep blue waters around the Andamans, India is a travel haven – a tour package that frustrates and delights, as demanding as it is rewarding.

Religion is central to Indian culture, and its practice can be seen in virtually every aspect of life in the country. Hinduism is the dominant faith of India, serving about 80 percent of the population. Ten percent worship Islam, and 5 perscent are Sikhs and Christians; the rest (a good 45 million) are Buddhists, Jains, Bahai, and more.

This is what the india is. If you want to know something more about India wait for my next post.
I will go according to our state and introduce everything about cities, hotels, location etc